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    How does Marketo ABM map leads to the account object?

    Digital Pi

      What pieces of information is it using to accomplish this?  What information is being passed over to SFDC if any? 

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          Arjun Nair

          Hi Digital Pi,


          I’ll give you an overview of how the whole matching gig works and hopefully that answers your question. If not, please ask!


          In MKTO, with ABM, you can now create “Named Accounts”. These named accounts can be created in a few ways.

               1) By selecting CRM accounts

               2) By searching through companies your leads in MKTO belong to

               3) Manually through the UI

               4) Using the API

               5) List import (not in V1, but soon)


          When a new Named Account is created; a certain group of people get automatically associated with the Named account. The matching for this is done based on email domain, inferred IP and the Company name of the person. Additionally, if a group of people belong to the same account in the CRM, that info is also used to match people to the appropriate Named account. People matched to a named account can be leads in the CRM, contacts in the CRM or Marketo only records.


          Our Algorithm returns two kinds of matches.


          • Strong matches  - Here is automatically associate the person to the named account
          • Weak matches - We think a person belongs to a Named Account but are not sure. We flag/surface these records and you can choose to add the person to the Named Account.


          All of this applies to new people entering your Marketo database too after you have setup Named Accounts. When a new person (via the CRM or any other source like form submissions) is created - we look at email domain, Inferred IP address, company name and CRM siblings (are they a contact under a CRM account where other contacts under that CRM account belong to a particular Named Account) to find the right Named Account to associate this person too.


          A cool feature is that as you work through your weak matches and add them to Named Accounts, our matching engine gets better as we learn the rules you are using. For example, if you associate aj@gotomeeting.com to the Named Account “Citrix”, the next time a lead comes in with that domain (eg: Jessica@gotomeeting.com) we will automatically map that lead to “Citirx”.


          What we don’t do right now, is automatically convert leads in your CRM to contacts under a particular account in the CRM. While we do use a lot of CRM data to fill out Named account details/matching rules etc., we do not currently push any info to the CRM.

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            When a list of say top engaged folks from Marketo is imported, ABM does not show the people or their scores. ABM only shows contacts on the people list not leads. If we are trying to identify most engaged leads and their score activity for named accounts, how can this be viewed in ABM?