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    Twilio webhook - my.tokens

      Hey Marketo community,


      I've successfully setup our integration with Twilio and called that webhook based on expected trigger events. The body of the text message references my.tokens that are just pulling in static text, e.g. the phone number we're using via Twilio to send the text message and the content in the body of the text message.


      We have my.tokens that use email scripting to pull in information like a customer's appointment time from the Opportunity Object. While that information populates correctly in an email, it fails to render in a text message.


      Has anyone used dynamic my.tokens with webhooks that allow personalization from Objects, other than the Marketo Lead or Company? I hope the only option isn't limited to adding every appointment time or really any record specific information we want to include in a text, onto the Lead or Contact in SFDC so Marketo can pull it on to the Marketo Lead.


      Thanks in advance for the help.



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          Sanford Whiteman

          Yep, Velocity scripts won't execute in the webhook context.


          You can mirror Oppo data on the Lead/Contact like you said.  Or: pull Oppo data in by using an interstitial webhook that calls the Marketo API, streaming the response plus the original payload to Twilio -- but this can eat up your Marketo API calls really, really fast, and at that point it's more efficient to use the SFDC API (for which you usually have a much larger call limit).


          Of course, if you mirror your whole SFDC or Marketo to a data warehouse, there's always that!


          I do have one theoretical trick up my sleeve w/r/t passing Velocity results to other processes, but I haven't built it out and there's almost zero demand, so....

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              Hey Sanford,


              Thanks very much for your response. That's really disappointing that we

              can't leverage email scripting in webhooks.


              I'd really like to learn more about the theoretical trick up your sleeve

              you mentioned. Are you able to discuss directly? If so, would you please

              reply or if you prefer, reach out to me directly at dmandel@sungevity.com.

              Flattening the Lead/Contact in SFDC just for sake of webhooks is a last

              resort for me so if there's an alternative to explore, I'd strongly prefer

              that path. I look forward to hearing from you.






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