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    Report type

    Jamie Barclay

      I'd like to get a definition of all the Marketo report types and when they should be used.

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          Digital Pi

          Hi Jamie,


          It depends on which Marketo Package that you have.  If you go to the analytics section each one of the icons represents a type of report that you can get and for the most part it's pretty self explanatory.   The top 3 I use the most in MLM are email performance, email link, and leads performance.


          Email Performance - opens, clicks, unsubscribes delivered, bounced,etc

          Email Link Performance - how many clicks broken out per link

          Leads Performance  - Group leads by a variety of factors including Source, Status, Month created, campaign, etc. 

          Web Page Activity

          Landing Page Performance

          Program Performance

          Program Analyzer

          Engagement Stream Performance -

          Company Web Activity

          Sales Insight Email Performance

          Social Influence

          Opportunity Influence Analyzer (I use this a lot to dissect deals) Not sure if this comes in all editions.  Is there a particular reporting question that you have? 


          Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 9.04.30 AM.png


          There is also a lot of data that you can put together just by using smart lists and filters so the possibilities are really endless.