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    Salesforce synch error

    Chris Willis
      I received the following notification in my instance this morning.  Recommendations as to where to troubleshoot?

                Salesforce Sync Error

      Why: Marketo is unable to add leads to one or more Salesforce campaigns. 

      Error details: Failed: INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_ON_CROSS_REFERENCE_ENTITY: insufficient access rights on cross-reference id 

      What to do now? 
      Contact your Salesforce admin for further troubleshooting. 
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          Josh Hill
          It sounds like your Marketo User permissions are wrong somehow. Check the field requirements for insertion and have your SFDC admin check on permissions for that user.
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            Chris Willis
            Thaanks Josh.  I thought it had something to do with that, but it's the first time I've seen this error show up.  Our SFDC instance has some validation rules that may block insertions in some cases...would those validation rules trigger this message?  
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              Did you ever get a response? We are also getting sync errors, and I am trying to figure out which records are not syncing in Marketo, so that I can figure out how to reproduce the problem and fix it. 
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                FYI, INSUFFICIENT ACCESS ON CROSS-REFERENCE ENTITY can be thrown when a record has been deleted. 
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                  I  have been getting the same errors. After opening a ticket with Marketo, this is what I found, provided your permissions are appropriately set up:

                  1. Detailed error messages related to the background campaign sync is not shown in the Activity Log for a lead. So, if you get an error, you have to contact Marketo Support to find out the exact error message. 

                  2. Most of the time, the failure is because the lead was converted in Salesforce. Marketo is trying to add a lead to a campaign, but that lead has been converted in Salesforce since the last sync, and Salesforce will not allow any actions on converted leads. Strangely enough, somehow the related Contact does make it into the campaign. 

                  3. To rule out permissions being the problem, you will still need to contact Marketo Support to get the underlying error message. The full message might look something like this:

                  Failed: INSUFFICIENT_ACCESS_ON_CROSS_REFERENCE_ENTITY: insufficient access rights on cross-reference id SFDC Campaign id: 701C0000000iaPIIAA, Lead/Contact Id: 00Q8000000bjv25EAJ 

                  If you aren't a Salesforce administrator, you can give the full failure message to her, and she can help you troubleshoot if it is permissions by logging in as the user who does Marketo syncing and attempting to add the lead/contact to the campaign. 

                  It would be great if Marketo could log these in the activity log of the lead. But, of all the things to fix, this is a minor one. 
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                    Kenny Elkington
                    In addition to the information which Julie provided, this can be related to the Marketo sync user attempting to access a record or create a child of that record during a time when the record is inaccessible. Most of the time this is due to permissions/sharing rules, but can be caused by an Apex trigger in certain cases, so looking into that possibility can be fruitful in running down these errors.
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                      We had this issue. The cause turned out to be specific fields that the sync user did not have permission to edit.