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    How do you track event track registration?

    Matt Lyman

      Hi everyone!


      We hold regular events where attendees are able to select which track they want to attend. We want to be able to maintain that data down the road for future planning, but don't want to make them a custom success step (as the tracks change), and we don't want to do sub-campaigns in Salesforce as it will mess with out attribution and reporting.


      How do you track these things? Do you log activities? Maybe you have operational, not counted programs?




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          Ronen Wasserman

          Hi Matt,


          You can create a custom Marketo field where you will add this information.



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              Matt Lyman

              We currently have that - but how do you keep it from overwriting and

              keeping the historical data for each of the events?


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                  Digital Pi

                  If you want a field to concatenate the historical data then you will need 2 custom fields and use tokens to keep adding the historical data. 


                  Event Track Temp


                  Event Track

                  Smart campaign to add the two fields together. 

                  Event Track = {{lead.event track temp}], {{lead.event track}}


                  You'll have to play around with it to get to look the way you want.


                  However, do you care that Bob when to track 1, 2 and Susan went to track 3, 4.  Or do you only want to know that track 2 had the most participants as compared to track 3 or 4.  If it's the later, then I would just use programs and smart campaigns to add people to static lists.  That way you have the data without creating a bunch of fields and having the data live in a long text string. 

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