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    Relationship between Sales & Marketing

    Brittany Stover

      I am the most interested in how the integration with Sales and Marketing will take place. Will sales be added into our instance of Marketo to view the analytics or will it be a part of Salesforce.

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          Hi Brittany,


          Great question! We are building tools for sales to access ABM insights and it will come out soon. In the 1st version of ABM, you can create sales alert and email notifications on activities from people of target account to make sales reps aware of important activities from their target accounts.




          Product Management

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            These are some very nice/serious looking sales alerts Dan :-). Nice work!


            Alerts can be the same like you have shown above but it can be triggered based out of activities from target accounts. With new ABM filters and triggers you can be more specific on when to send these alerts. e.g. we have a trigger 'Lead Added to Named Account', this will help you immediately send an alert to account owner, mentioning about the new leads marketing has generated from their target accounts.


            In V2 (end of this year), we ill support, daily and weekly personalized reports that can be sent to the sales team with key insights such as below -

                 - Top Engaged target accounts based on Account Scores

                 - Most engaged people from target accounts

                 - Top interesting moments at account level

                 - List of new leads and details - based on lead-to-account matching

                 - # of Page Views and % increase

                 - # of Email sent and % click-through


            In V3, V4 - we will support Read-only views of the ABM dashboards that will be available for users that don't have access to Marketo ABM e.g. sales users.


            And more....stay tuned!



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