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    ABM Analytics

    Helen Abramova



      I am very curious to know what analytics will be available with the new ABM product. Will it summarize account activities? How it will look?..




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          Thanks Elena for your question.

          We have built-in account-level dashboards in ABM that aggregates key insights from leads to an account level, account list level as well overall ABM level. You can measure impact of ABM on revenue, pipeline, sales cycle, engagement etc. all from these new dashboards.


          See few examples of the new account-level dashboards that will available in the upcoming ABM release -


          This dashboard shows overall impact of ABM on pipeline and revenue by showing top accounts and related engagement. 





          This dashboard shows account list level dashboard, that aggregated information from all the named accounts at an account list level.



          This dashboard shows account-level insights. Gives 360 degree view of your target accounts. This includes rolling up data from all the leads of that account to an account level. e.g. interesting moments, opportunities, key insights from different channels e.g. email, web ad etc. also helps your sales team to know who are the top people that they should be going after.



          There are also reports that shows you bottom-line impact of ABM. E.g. which ABM programs had the most impact on revenue and pipeline.


          Another example where you can see the pipeline acceleration after you deployed ABM.


          These are just few examples of the analytics that we are supporting in ABM, there's more! Hopefully this was useful.

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            Rachel Noble

            Thanks for all this background! Are there currently any efforts to build account-level lifecycle reporting? With the whole push toward ABM, it would be super beneficial to be able to track stage and overall conversion rates at the account level as well.