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    An interesting way to hide an unsubscribe link

    Robb Barrett

      This message is not intended to show sides of a political debate. It is meant to highlight a way that an unsubscribe link is hidden.


      I subscribe to political emails from all parties because I like to see how they're crafted. This one caught my eye:


      Chrome Legacy Window 992016 35330 PM.bmp.jpg

      If you notice, all of the links in this message are underlined except one - the unsubscribe link.


      Looking at the HTML:


      Getting emails from Hillary for America is one of the best ways to stay in touch with this campaign, but if you really want to scale back, click <a href="https://www.hillaryclinton.com/forms/less-email/?utm_source=sp&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20160909event_1day&utm_content=26435709-20160906-Event-1dayout (2)&utm_term=Hyperlink_20151113_111649308"&name="Hyperlink_20151113_111649308" target="_blank" >here</a> to receive less email and click <a href="http://links.hillaryclinton.com/ui/modules/display/optOut.jsp?m=26435709&r=MzU1MDAwODg3NzEwS0&j=ODgxNDcyNDMxS

      0&mt=2&rj=ODgxNDcyNDMwS0&rt=0" name="optout" style="text-decoration: none;" target="_blank" >here</a> to unsubscribe.


      Have any of you other marketers utilized clever ways to obfuscate your unsubscribe links?