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    Historical segmentation based on contract signed date

      We want to send out an email campaign once a month to customers that signed a contract 6 months ago. So for example, we would send an email out on April 21st to all customers that signed in the month of October. Is there an easy way to do that?

      I know Marketo has no concept of "NOT" in the filter logic, so I can't say something like Signed Contract in past 7 months AND NOT Signed Contract in past 6 months.

      Are there any other easy ways to accomplish this without creating a new field?
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          I would make this a SmartCampaign. Set-up the program to send 6 months after Signed Contract Date. 

          Smart List: 

          Trigger on Data Value Change "Signed Contract Date" 


          Use an advanced wait step "Date Token" 

          "Signed Contract Date" plus 6 months

          Send Email. 

          Note: You typically don't want to start a workflow with a wait step so I would suggest doing something else first. 

          - Jeff
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            Right, but we want to send it only once a month, not every day. Would you say just change the schedule to launch only once a month but have the wait step be 6 months so that everyone in the 6 to 6.99 months will get the email?

            I agree with you on trying to avoid the wait step to start the program. I'd love to hear about a way to avoid that if there is one.

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              Under the send email portion you might want to add a choice and put if contract date is empty do nothing.

              We've had some problems where leads get into a tokened wait step and things change but are left in the wait step. Like if they were to cancel the contract but you still emailed them 6 months down the line. 

              The best thing you could probably do is create a seperate campaign that if the contract date field changes from one value to empty you can use the remove from flow step and remove the lead from the wait step. I would do this with all campaigns that have long wait steps.  It also alows leads to enter and exit wait steps if things change. 




              Doing a triggered campaign you will have to wait six months until you actually start sending emails so, 

              Under schedule you can schedule recurrence to run once a month. Then in the smart list you would do contract date is greater than 6 months ago as well as add another filter of contract date after a certain time so its not sent to leads before what you want. Make it so leads can run through the flow once. So many ways to skin a cat in Marketo. 
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                Ok, well instead of sending them an email add them to a list. Schedule your emails to member of the list. When a person is sent the email remove them from the list. - Jeff