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    Edit Alert Token

    Morgan Corbett

      Can you edit the information that is sent through the Send Alert Info token? If so, how would I do it?

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          Erik Heldebro

          Hi Morgan,

          I don't think the {{SP_Send_Alert_Info}} token is editable. I'm sure that you could always use the token in a custom field and append extra tokens next to it if this would be preferable.


          Otherwise if you want to change it you could make your own snippet with the similar data the token contains:

          • First name and last name as a link to the lead detail in Marketo
          • A link to the lead in your CRM
          • The campaign name in Marketo that sent the alert
          • The time at which the alert was sent


          Making your own using:

          • Standard attribute tokens for name and link to lead detail with a lead ID token
          • Link to your CRM with the correct ID token identifying the lead
          • A trigger token for the campaign
          • A system token for the date stamp
          • Then change or add whatever you want


          All depends what you want to edit, it seems doable!



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            Digital Pi

            What exactly are you trying to accomplish?  Depending on the type of alert I typically include a whole host of information that is relevant to the action surrounding the alert. 

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                Theresa Boesken

                I have the same problem: I want to carry over the box checked for day requested (in form) in the alertdemocontact.png

                how can I do this??


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                    Erik Heldebro

                    Hi Tracy,

                    To carry this value you would go to edit the form in Marketo and check what the field is called with the Checkboxes for days from your screenshot by clicking on it.


                    When you know the name of your custom field, you will need to go to your alert email and add a token in the text:

                    Search for the name of your field and you are done.


                    Follow-up question though: Should leads be able to register for multiple days? If not I would suggest changing field type to Select (dropdown) so there is one choice and making the field mandatory (does not seem to be mandatory right now)



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                        Theresa Boesken

                        Thank you!!!! And you have a good point about limiting their choice of days to only allow one. This is what I ended up with:


                        Dear {{lead.Lead Owner First Name:default=Awesome Sales Team}},

                        This person wants to schedule a demo at HiMSS17 with a Medicity expert:


                        On {{lead.Area of Interest:default=edit me}}
                        {{SP_Send_Alert_Info:default=edit me}}



                        Your Marketing Team