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    Reporting on Conversions from a Nurture Campaign

    John Danielson

      We have several nurture campaigns running and I am trying to figure out if there is a way to report on last email the lead received prior to converting. Currently I am looking through the activity log of each lead and recording on a spreadsheet. We are increasing the leads we are entering into these campaigns and it's becoming more difficult for me to keep up with this process. If anyone has ANY suggestions, I loved to hear them!


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          Jamie Lewis

          I get this question with some frequency and I am not sure this is that important.


          What do you mean by conversion?  Do you mean fill out a form, or do you mean make a purchase?

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              Josh Hill

              I agree. There is a fixation on "last touch before X happens" and that's not helpful because it could have taken 10 touches, or 3, or 1 to get there. You'll never really know and then you optimize for an asset/channel that may only be relevant as part of a larger story. Sort of like the 10% of the iceberg is above water.


              It's also a pain to keep track of!


              Possible solutions:

              • Nurtures have a Goal and that is your tracking point. See my slides from the summit 2016: slideshare.net/jdavidhill. If your goal is MQL, then only track that. If it is something else, that's ok too.
              • Yes, you can track last asset or campaign using Trigger Tokens and IMs. The docs explain this well. You can leverage Last Interesting Moment Desc or push the Email name to a custom field on Clicks Link or whatever. You can also use Campaign Name token like this too.
              • RCE - use it if you have it. Much more helpful to watch the impact of Success over time.
              • Channel-Offer attribution - also I have slides on this, but this essentially requires a custom touch object and a lot of setup and reporting tools.
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              John Danielson

              Jamie and Josh


              Thanks for responding. I have felt we were wasting time trying to attribute conversions (form fill outs) to a specific email in a nurture campaign, and you guys have just cemented that for me. I spoke with our Demand Gen. guy who had asked me to track this and he too agrees that it's not worth the time being spent. So, no more ridiculous spreadsheet!


              Thanks again!