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    marketo fails to "recognize" custom unsubscribe footer in an email template

    Vlada Prasolova

      We are currently launching an automated email campaign that will grab the content of our latest blog post, pack it into an email and send to those who have subscribed to receive such updates.

      The major part on email content is inserted to the custom token {{my.Email content}} inserted into our regular email template, but we’ve came across a strange issue – marketo doesn’t seem to recognize the custom unsubscribe footer that we have and enforces the default unsubscribe link at the bottom of an email.

      This is very strange, bc the standard {system.unsubscribeLink}} has never yet failed me

      Is there some problem in an html that I’ve overlooked?

      I’m attaching the original html as well as how an email looks in the mailbox in hopes that someone takes a looks at and might have any idea as to why this is happening.

      Will be grateful for any tips