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    Marketo & SFDC - Monitoring Lead Gen / SDR ?

    Claire MARBACH

      Hello Maketo community,


      We have just finalised our Marketo-SFDC sync in our organisation.

      We are really unsure how to deal with campaign and would really like to get insights from other users, especially on how to monitor the follow-up of emailing by Lead Generation teams.


      What field/object do you use in Salesforce to know if your Lead Generation team has been in touch with people your marketing teams have touched via a nurturing campaign?

      Do you use a child campaign for them or just one campaign?

      How do you handle reporting in Salesforce?


      Thanks a lot for any advice you could give us!


        • Re: Marketo & SFDC - Monitoring Lead Gen / SDR ?
          Josh Hill

          There is a ton to unpack in here. Some thoughts

          • See my slides on lifecycle setup from 2015 Summit.
          • SDR follow up - often done with Tasks in SFDC or you can train them to change a field like Lead Status from MQL > SAL. That should trigger other things and be reportable. Nurture really has nothing to do with this.
          • SFDC Campaigns - parent-child. Yes. depends what you want.
          • Reporting - what do you want to report on?