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    To score a fast tracked lead or not?

      Our revamped scoring model consists of behavioral and demographic scoring, segmented by critical, important, influencing and negative attributes. Our behavioral model has an additional segment, qualifier, which could be considered "fast track" attributes. My question: should we score "fast track" attributes at the MQL/SQL score thresholds, or are the leads merely sent to sales? Or do you have other suggestions? Our behavioral scoring model is as follows:

                          Lead Scoring Model                     Criteria                     Score                     Frequency
                          Behavioral Scoring Model                                                                  
                                                Qualifier: 50/100 points                                                                  
                                                                      Attends 1-on-1 Meeting                                           +100                     Every time
                                                                      Requests a call                                           +100                     Every time
                                                                      Fills Out Content Request Form                                           +50                     Every time
                                                Critical: 25 points                                                                  
                                                                      Attends Breakout Session                                           +25                     Every time
                                                                      Views high profile content                     Investor Presentation                     +25                     Every time
                                                                      Views high profile webpage                     Investor Releations                     +25                     Every time
                                                Important: 15 points                                                                  
                                                                      Views 3+ webpages in one day                                           +15                     Every time
                                                                      Listens to Webinar Recording                                           +15                     Every time
                                                                      Views mid profile content                     Investor Fact Sheet, Newsletter, White Paper, Press Release                     +15                     Every time
                                                                      Attends Earnings Call                                           +15                     Every time
                                                                      Views high profile webpage                     Investor Releations                     +15                     Weekly 
                                                Influencing: 5 points                                                                  
                                                                      Attends 2+ Webinars                                           +5                     Every 4 months
                                                                      Listens to Earnings Call Recording                                           +5                     Every time
                                                                      Views 3+ webpages in one week                                           +5                     Weekly
                                                                      Opens Email                                           +5                     Every time
                                                                      Views any webpage                                           +5                     Every time
                                                                      Clicks Email                                           +5                     Every time
                                                                      Unsubscribed                                           -75                     Every time
                                                                      Score < 50, Inactivity for 3 months                                           -15                     Every 3 months
                                                                      Score > 50, Inactivity for 3 months                                           -30                     Every 3 months
                                                                      Score > 100, Inactivity for 3 months                                           -50                     Every 3 months

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          Kim Allen
          Hey Amber,

          I'd meet with your inside sales manager or someone in sales that has a leadership role (and if they like marketing that helps) and discuss if those "fast track" leads really are good MQLs for them.

          In my previous company, the sales team was very cooperative and we decided on certain criteria (mostly from events and some combinations in wbrs) that would make a lead a "hot lead". I had these leads auto +100 which made them MQLs and assigned out to the team.

          It all depends on your scoring and buying models.