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    Sync Marketo campaign with SFDC

    Stephen Debruyn

      I have synced an email campaign with SFDC, and want to update member status to 'opened' and 'clicked'.  However, in Marketo it generates a comment in the details field that it has skipped execution because the campaign is linked with a program.  How can I resolve this?

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          Lindsay Zanga

          If you have members that are linked with an SFDC campaign - you should be able to set up a trigger smart campaign to say  if "x" criteria is met then change program status to "y".  However, you do need to make sure that your program status' in marketo as the same status' that can link with the campaign in your SFDC instance.  I have all of my tradeshow "events" linked with an SFDC campaign and we run triggers to update status depending on their actions...