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Leads Being Automatically Added to Nurture

Question asked by Ben Ernsperger on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by Ben Ernsperger

Last week we started a single-stream, 4-part nurture campaign. We set up the 'Add to nurture' to 'Sales Insights' in SalesForce. This requires our sales reps to go into the Marketo 'Sales Insights' section of a lead's profile in SalesForce and manually add them to the nurture campaign. Since we turned the nurture campaign on we have had 500+ leads mysteriously added to our campaign. None of our sales reps have added leads yet more continue to show up as members in the campaign. Anyone have an idea as to what trigger or setting in Marketo or SalesForce is putting these leads into our nurture campaign? Below is a screenshot of our 'Add to Nurture' smart campaign within the program.