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AB testing of subject line in Default program?

Question asked by 20d99ad5be8fdaa2581e5ec3e4ac43ad6f8dadc0 on Aug 30, 2016

It's been awhile since I've used Marketo on a daily basis and I need to re-learn some things.  I've been digging around in the knowledgebase and I can't figure out what steps are needed to perform an AB test in a Default program.  I see how to do it using an Email Program, but I need to use a Default program.  Do I just create two separate emails, send them, and figure out which subject line worked better manually?  Or can I automate it?  I set up a test using the testing feature (Email Actions> New Test) but am not sure how to complete it.  Once I walk through the wizard, then what?  Do I create one campaign that sends the email with subject line "A"?  Or do I need two campaigns to send both?  I can't figure out how to tie the "test" function to the actual send campaign.


Any why does Marketo take me to the Design Studio every time I try to look at the AB test that I've already created?


Thanks for the help!