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    Unique Unsubscribe Pages

      Is there a way to create unique unsubscribe forms for varying audiences? We communicate to entirely different partners depending on the campaign, and I'd like one to see an alternative instruction on the unsubscribe page versus the other, which I'd like to stay as is. Is there a way to have two separate unique unsubscribe pages that are visible by recipient?
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          Hi Luke,
          You can remove the system wide unsubscribe text at the admin level and then create unqiue email templates that include footers with links to different unsubscribe landing pages.  The forms on these landing pages would write to email address with a hidden field marking specific unsubscribes fields.  Instead of Marketo preventing sends to unsubscribes, you would have to build out your smart campaigns to include Unsubscribe A is false, etc.

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            Josh Hill
            I've written more about this here:

            and here:

            As Courtney noted, you would need several pages and fields to manage this well.
            1.           Which channels or communications can people subscribe to?
            2.           Which audiences should see what - these pages need to be coded on to separate LP templates.
            3.           Admin > Email > you can copy out the default text, then insert a clear or white dot or even <P></P> to remove the default from emails.

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              Hey Luke,

              Marketo built a help resource of this exact question. Youc an find it here:

              Our instance of Marketo houses 7 individual companies and we have experienced firsthand some of the benefits and costs related to do this, such as:

              +Unsubscribes numbers in email performace reports will no longer work.
              +Had to create custom smart lists for Marketing Suspended and Unsubscribed to be used for each company
              +Unsubscribe links should not be tracked by Marketo
              +Multiple choices for unsubscribing.

              Let me knof if you have any questions or need any help!


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