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Sending a monthly email to people who fill out a form online.

Question asked by PROD - Deborah Strange on Aug 26, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2016 by Jenn DiMaria

We are in the process of transitioning an email campaign currently being managed in another system to Marketo. There are two input files.  The first is a manual file created monthly and loaded into Marketo.  The second is a list of potential recipients who have filled out a form online.  The goal is to send each list an email with a white paper link.  Each month there will be a different email with a new white paper link.  We do have a naming convention that can be loaded into the custom field when the manual file is loaded.  This will allow us to pull the correct content for that file. At issue are those clients that fill out the form online.  How can we make sure those records have the custom field updated with the same value in the manual file?  Or is there a different way to create the emails so that the same name can be used each month? 


Thanks for your help.