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    Generating Auto-Emails from InsideSales Activity

      Hi Everyone,


      We've been tasked with figuring out how to generate auto-response emails that send out to prospects when a call is logged by our sales reps. Basically we'd like to see that after they've made a call, Marketo would send a "I just left you a voicemail, check out this content, I look forward to hearing from you" type of email to the prospect. They use InsideSales to manage their outbound activity, but we aren't exactly sure what would be the best way to go about setting up a system such as this.


      My thought would be that the trigger in our campaign would work off when a new activity has been logged on the contact record for a new call, and that would then generate the customized email for each rep. But that's really as far as our thought process has gone at this point.


      If anyone has experience with this type of set up or any pointers, we'd very much appreciate it!




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          Jamie Lewis

          This would require an integration with your call tracking tool.  I am assuming this is done in SFDC, is that correct? 


          If that is the case then you can use the activity is logged trigger to do this.  It is listening for sfdc acticities in particular.  Also, remember to look at the constraints for this trigger so you can refine it properly

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            Eddie Morales

            Hi Alec,
            We were actually debating whether to go a similar route with helping sales shoot out those emails to prospects. However, we decided not to got that route because we thought it could get sloppy really fast, and become a tangled web.


            There are other tools better suited for tackling sales emails like this. A few that come to mind are Conversica an AI bot that reaches out to the prospect and has a "conversation" with prospect. It's one tool we're evaluating. There's also ToutApp and YesWare.



            Part of what can be sloppy about doing this through Marketo is that you're really going to have to rely on sales updating the records in the "right way" in order for you to pick up on those signals. Depending on how big your sales department, how new sales reps are, or how well trained they are this may become difficult to execute well, let alone be able to report the effectiveness of this.


            Sorry I don't have a better answer for you but maybe there is another tool better suited that can be more effective at doing this.

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