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    Ad Bridge - Facebook Custom Audiences and Advanced Matching

      Hello Marketing Nation!


      As you may already be aware, Marketo allows you, the marketer, to use your rich first party data (demographic, behavioral, score, funnel stage...) to build memberships in the form of Smart Lists or Static Lists and send that over to Facebook as a Custom Audience for better ad campaigns targeting.


      In it's original and current implementation, only a single field value (Email Address) is sent over for each member. Facebook then runs a matching process which ties the Marketo person to the Facebook user. In an effort to increase these match rates, Facebook now allows us to send values for additional specific fields such as: Email Address (current), First Name, Last Name, Company Name, City, State, Postal Code, Country and Gender.


      To give you some perspective, we have seen cases where the additional data improved the match rate from 60% to 95%! Marketo wants to support "Advanced Matching" and we would love to get your feedback:


      Keeping in mind that the more data we send (from the specified list) the higher the match rate will likely be, would you have any reason or use case to send some and not all possible fields?


      I thank you all in advance for your contribution and feedback!