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    Marketo-Dynamics Sync Question

      We are redeploying our Marketo instance and implementing a scoring model that includes demographic and behavioral data. Our former score was a 1x score based on the initial form fill out, so I'm really excited about this! Progress!


      I have the scoring program set up, and my demographic qualities are running on a batch process (nightly at 7:00 pm), while my behavioral data is scored on triggers real time (with some other caveats based on the specific activity).


      Despite the fact that we'll be scoring, our sales organization would like to see all leads in Dynamics, so I'll be setting up a flow to sync them to Dynamics regardless of score. We'll use the score on the marketing side to measure the effectiveness of our programs, the quality of the leads, etc. But, sales perceives they have a volume problem (and are still measured on calls per day), so I'm going to give them access to all. Hopefully they will use the lead score to prioritize calls, but will still feel like they are seeing everything.

      My question is - even with the score not fully mattering to sales, do I wait to push leads to Dynamics until they have received their Demographic points? Do I just add a Wait step to the flow (like 1 day)? Thanks!