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    Marketo Notifications - Microsoft Dynamics Sync Error - CRM Field Mapping

    Shannon Kelly


      I wanted to document this in case it helps someone else. I ended up fixing this problem, but the fix happened on accident. I don't have a CRM Administrator -- I do what I can to figure it out myself. The end of the story is that the fields in our CRM were not completely mapped, and that caused a lot of problems. When I looked into fixing the mappings, it ended up solving a lot of problems. We use Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 On Premise.

      Here are the symptoms I noticed (but didn't know they were all related to the same problem):

      1. Qualified Leads create a duplicate in Marketo. (When a rep Qualified a Lead in CRM, rather than updating the existing Lead in Marketo, a new Contact record was created.)
      2. Sales Insight information not synched from Lead to Contact, including score fields. (This is what I set out to fix when I looked at the field mapping.)
      3. Received Marketo Notification emails, like the 3 examples below. The subject line of the emails is "MS Dynamics Sync Error: Unable to update xxxx."

      Once I fixed the field mappings (between Lead and Contact, and Contact and Opportunity in our case), I stopped receiving these email notifications. 

      Marketo Support also suggested updating MLM and Sales Insight solutions in CRM, and that probably helped as well.



      For those who have a great CRM Administrator, this might be an obvious fix, but in case there are others out there like me trying to get to the bottom of these problems, I thought it might help.