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    Is Operational Channel Included or Excluded in Marketing Reporting?

    Tom Kerlin



      We're in the process of building out a Lead Entry Form for one of our partners to use when they want to send us new leads. Currently new leads are received from them via email, but this process leads to inconsistencies and missing pieces of data in the lead details, so we're creating this form to help standardize the data collected.


      Before I proceed with building out program, I was wondering what Channel should be assigned to the program. I'm thinking of assigning program the "Operational" Channel tag, but is that channel type included or excluded in Marketing Reporting? If it is excluded from Marketing Reporting, do you recommend that I create new channel, or should I settle with Engagement Nurture?


      If you have any suggestions or experience with building out program for this purpose (i.e. lead entry) please comment!