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Marketing Suspended Cause not accessible in flow

Question asked by Geoff Krajeski Expert on Aug 18, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2018 by 2187d82159277ef16906b8cbf116226506b45c8b

I inherited a Smart Campaign where Marketing Suspended = True is being set for leads.

I have an adjoining campaign that is setting a new Milestone with a status that they were suspended.


However, I know there is a Marketing Suspended Cause field, but at the same time I am unable to add it to the flow of my original Smart Campaign.




I've had a colleague on another instance confirm this inability to change the value of Marketing Suspended Cause?


In addition I would like to know how, if possible, one can update this field!

Are there automated processes that would update this field that are outside 'our' control?


I wonder if the other "cause" fields behave the same...


Thanks in advance!