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    Send Alert - 3 times?

    Tara Rowe



      We have a send alert that is going thru several times after nothing has happened. This happened previously and I had posted about it and made the changes from the anser provided - Send Alert - Glitch??


      It is now happening again weeks after the changes and nothing has been changed. 


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          Alok Ramsisaria

          Tara Rowe

          Your leads are qualifying multiple times for this campaign. This might be because the behavior score changes very frequently. A lead can go in the flow of the same campaign multiple times, and each time, it would complete all the flow steps.

          Do you want the alert to go out multiple times?

          I would recommend breaking this campaign into 2 separate campaigns. The first campaign should be a gatekeeper which should only process those leads which are not MQCs. If a lead from is already MQC, do you still want to send it through all these steps?

          Also, you can add a choice in your flow step to send alert like this:


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