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    New Email Editor: Yah or Nay?

      For those who have switched over to email editor 2.0: are you loving it, or are you having regrets? What's one thing you wished you knew before upgrading?


      We've haven't changed over yet, but are considering doing so soon.

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          Jim Thao

          From what I can tell, the option to use New or Legacy is still present.   With that being said, if regrets are had, I guess I can always switch back to Legacy.  However, this would be backwards progress in terms of product enhancement.  


          I would recommend that you "switch" over because you can literally just test out 2.0 and then switch back if you want. 


          Caveat to this is: Do not edit Email 1.0 emails after you switch as they will automatically switch over to Email 2.0.