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    Wunderman is looking for a Data Management, Marketing Manager in NYC

      Wunderman Data Management, Marketing Manager


      If interested in this job, contact jeff.hall@wunderman.com



      • Work directly with Wunderman marketing team to develop and execute a marketing plan to build greater awareness of Wunderman Data Management and articulate its value proposition.
      • Create and implement a content marketing  program, collaborating with in-house designers, sales professionals and the Wunderman marketing team to produce content that is relevant across platforms (ebooks, white papers, direct mail, video, etc.).
      • Work within the organization to identify client work that can be showcased among internal and external audiences
      • Manage analytics and metrics for WDM marketing campaign and reports as required, including developing and implementing processes for tracking how/which marketing initiatives contribute to sales opportunities.
      • Develop a system to assess the value of participating in/sponsoring events and develop team’s strategic presence at event.  Support teams by directly creating and executing all pre-and-post show communications to help drive conversations and opportunities.
      • Manage event and sponsorship budgets; issue POs and vendor payment
      • Work directly with marketing team to identify opportunities to pitch targeted publications and build relationships with influential industry analysts.
      • Work directly with sales teams to create and support business development programs; assess the need to update and create sales collateral; draft and execute mass sales communications (direct mail and email).
      • Set, communicate and maintain timelines and priorities on every project; support other corporate marketing programs as necessary.
      • Seek opportunities to create meaningful communications that engage key audiences between tent pole events


      Key Skills and Experience

      • Must have direct experience working at a data or consulting firm, e.g., Merkle, Axciom, Accenture, etc.
      • Must demonstrate understanding of how data management and analytics are used to inform marketing campaigns
      • Bachelor’s degree in marketing , advertising, or communication studies preferred
      • Must possess drive, initiative, leadership, and the ability to cultivate and sustain a high degree of cross-functional collaboration, coordination, and communication
      • Ability to work effectively across a matrix to build consensus and share relevant information
      • 8-10 years of marketing experience with an emphasis on B2B branding


      If interested in this job, contact jeff.hall@wunderman.com