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    Dynamic content disappears when editing email...

    Ellie Szunko

      I'm sure there's a very simple answer to this. I have created a series of emails and have used dynamic content for relevant segments. All emails were approved and I previewed each segment to check all the dynamic content was applied.


      I have gone to make some small changes to the copy and I've noticed when editing the non-default segment the dynamic content no longer appears. I've previewed the draft and this still shows as it should. Any idea why this is happening / if the dynamic content is actually there and for one reason or another not being displayed or do I have to re-do it all when editing the email?


      I've attached a couple of screen grabs to show the 'preview' in comparison to what is shown when editing the email using dynamic content (different headers, etc).


      Shannon Kelly has recently submitted an idea to improve dynamic content functionality which if implemented would massively assist me (& I'm sure others) with day-to-day emails/editing.