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    New to the group

    Rob Cummerson

      Hi all,


      Just wanted to introduce myself. I am based in Cheshire, northwest but we do not have any usergroups based in my area, so if you don't mind I will piggy back onto this one.


      I work for an organisation called Advanced who are part of Vista Equity Partners (who have just purchased Marketo). We implemented Marketo back in September but due to rolling out Salesforce and integration we went live Feb this year and I am only now getting to grips with Marketo. I am hoping to join the next session and come down to London but in the meantime I would like to hear from anyone who has implemented Marketo and Salesforce and any tips you have for making this a seamless marriage.




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          Adele Miller

          Hi Rob,

          Welcome to the group! I am also based in the Northwest so piggy backed onto this group a while ago

          I implemented a Marketo & Salesforce integration back at my old company a few years ago, but Salesforce was long establish and Marketo was the new kid so don't know if that makes it easier or harder - depends who you speak to I suppose!

          I would say in the broadest sense to make a successful implementation you need to have a very strong & close working relationship with your SF admin at your company to ensure any changes and decisions made are with full agreement with both systems so everything stays aligned.


          What are some of the particular snags you are experiencing at the moment?
          There are alot of SF & Marketo implementations in this user group so I am sure we can all help in some way.




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              Rob Cummerson

              Thanks Adele,


              I think our biggest challenge has been implementing both systems from scratch and bringing 19 business units with 9 different CRM systems into two.


              I work closely with the SFDC team so we are in a good place to manage change across the business. Now that both systems are live we have specific automation processes that have to take place to give us the reporting we require. As we are still in project infancy we are having a few snags with getting reports to work etc such as changing life cycle statuses, lead score influences and the old classic data management and data ownership.


              I guess at the moment it wasn't anything specific just hints and tips as to what you need to look out for to make it as easy as possible. I realise that is vague as people don't know my company, but general things that people found so I can look out for those would be great.