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Using custom fonts in Marketo's eDM template

Question asked by 407da3a18259f8b0b5e657a065a0c52d7f028342 on Aug 14, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2016 by d7fac1d574476c45c52533b173847b31af0eea32

Hello there one and all,


I'm back again with a question and this time its about fonts. After googling about to see if it were possible to use custom fonts in Marketo, I've seen a lot of answers by those who simply state "Just use the fonts already in Marketo". Well, that's all fine and good however we're dealing with a brand that has specific brand guidelines so the font type is quite specific and non-negotiable.


I had a look on Google Fonts and the font in question (Miso) doesn't appear to be there. Is there a way of uploading custom fonts? If so, how?


Thanks again and looking forward to hearing back with your solution.