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    Marketo vs Hubspot vs Pardot

      My company is considering a switch from Marketo and evaluating Hubspot and Pardot. Has anyone used the other platforms? Has anyone experienced significant pain in switching? Any insights on this subject most appreciated.

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          I've used Pardot previously. It is "prettier" than Marketo - doesn't have as much a database/hierarchy feel. It is much more user friendly and intuitive. If you are also Salesforce users - the setup and integration are seemless and simple. There are plenty of templates for emails and landing pages, and compared to Marketo's Engagement Programs, Drip Programs in Pardot are visual and allow you a bit more flexibility than you are able in Marketo today. I will say that I felt I gained more training with Marketo through the launch pack than I did when beginning with Pardot, so I'd suggest inquiring about training/onboarding options. Pardot does not offer the same community of resources and experts as Marketo does, but did recently launch a certification program, so that is growing.


          Happy to chat more offline if needed. Ultimately, both systems do the job, it depends on business needs and preference really.

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            Lauren Beth

            Hi Heidi - Can't speak for Pardot but I have used Hubspot.  It lacks many of what I consider fundamental elements and tools that Marketo offers.  Flows, triggers, batches, list building, etc. are all very basic and lack quite a bit of functionality. Engagement streams are complicated to set up.  It essentially is an email tool with some marketing automation features.  The UX experience is just not comparable either.  Hubspot is perfect for very basic campaigns with not a lot of complexities and is great for small businesses with simple business models.  It's cheaper of course, and if you are just starting out it makes more sense, but I find I run into many roadblocks using it.

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