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    Wanted to know if there is a way to identify all the custom fields of Leads database

      I am trying to retrieve the metadata of the Leads database. I am able to get all the fields of the Leads object but couldnt know if it is custom or standard fields. Is there a way to identify this ? In Marketo User interface or through APIS ?

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            Sanford Whiteman

            Chethan refers to custom fields, not custom objects.


            The answer is certainly not to use the API, since it does not correctly distinguish between standard and custom fields, and does not show hidden fields.


            The most inclusive list of standard fields that I know of is:


            Company Info / Account Owner Email Address

            Company Info / Account Owner First Name

            Company Info / Account Owner Last Name

            Company Info / Annual Revenue

            Company Info / Billing Address

            Company Info / Billing City

            Company Info / Billing Country

            Company Info / Billing Postal Code

            Company Info / Billing State

            Company Info / Company

            Company Info / Company Notes

            Company Info / Company SFDC Type

            Company Info / External Company Id

            Company Info / Industry

            Company Info / Main Phone

            Company Info / Marketo Data.com Id

            Company Info / Marketo Data.com Status

            Company Info / Num Employees

            Company Info / Parent Company Name

            Company Info / SFDC Account Num

            Company Info / SFDC Type

            Company Info / SIC Code

            Company Info / Site

            Company Info / Website

            Lead Info / Acquisition Date

            Lead Info / Acquisition Program Name

            Lead Info / Address

            Lead Info / Anonymous IP

            Lead Info / Black Listed

            Lead Info / Black Listed Cause

            Lead Info / City

            Lead Info / Cookies

            Lead Info / Country

            Lead Info / Created

            Lead Info / Date of Birth

            Lead Info / Department

            Lead Info / Do Not Call

            Lead Info / Do Not Call Cause

            Lead Info / Do Not Call Reason

            Lead Info / Email

            Lead Info / Email Invalid

            Lead Info / Email Invalid Cause

            Lead Info / Email Suspended

            Lead Info / Email Suspended At

            Lead Info / Email Suspended Cause

            Lead Info / External Sales Person Id

            Lead Info / Fax

            Lead Info / First

            Lead Info / Full Name

            Lead Info / Inferred City

            Lead Info / Inferred Company

            Lead Info / Inferred Country

            Lead Info / Inferred Metropolitan Area

            Lead Info / Inferred Phone Area Code

            Lead Info / Inferred Postal Code

            Lead Info / Inferred State Region

            Lead Info / Is Anonymous

            Lead Info / Is Customer

            Lead Info / Is Partner

            Lead Info / Job Title

            Lead Info / Last

            Lead Info / Lead Notes

            Lead Info / Lead Owner Email Address

            Lead Info / Lead Owner First Name

            Lead Info / Lead Owner Job Title

            Lead Info / Lead Owner Last Name

            Lead Info / Lead Owner Phone Number

            Lead Info / Lead Partition

            Lead Info / Lead Revenue Cycle Model

            Lead Info / Lead Revenue Stage

            Lead Info / Marketing Suspended

            Lead Info / Marketing Suspended Cause

            Lead Info / Marketo Data.com Id

            Lead Info / Marketo Data.com Status

            Lead Info / Marketo Unique Code

            Lead Info / Marketo Unique Name

            Lead Info / Middle

            Lead Info / Mobile

            Lead Info / Original Referrer

            Lead Info / Original Search Engine

            Lead Info / Original Search Phrase

            Lead Info / Original Source Info

            Lead Info / Original Source Type

            Lead Info / Person Notes

            Lead Info / Phone

            Lead Info / Postal Code

            Lead Info / Priority

            Lead Info / Rating

            Lead Info / Registration Source Info

            Lead Info / Registration Source Type

            Lead Info / Relative Score

            Lead Info / Relative Urgency

            Lead Info / Role

            Lead Info / SFDC Created Date

            Lead Info / SFDC Id

            Lead Info / SFDC Is Deleted

            Lead Info / SFDC Type

            Lead Info / Salutation

            Lead Info / Score

            Lead Info / Source

            Lead Info / State

            Lead Info / Status

            Lead Info / Unsubscribed

            Lead Info / Unsubscribed Cause

            Lead Info / Unsubscribed Reason

            Lead Info / Updated

            Lead Info / Urgency

            Opportunity Info / Amount

            Opportunity Info / Close Date

            Opportunity Info / Description

            Opportunity Info / Expected Revenue

            Opportunity Info / Fiscal

            Opportunity Info / Fiscal Quarter

            Opportunity Info / Fiscal Year

            Opportunity Info / Forecast Category

            Opportunity Info / Forecast Category Name

            Opportunity Info / Has Opportunity Line Item

            Opportunity Info / Is Closed

            Opportunity Info / Is Won

            Opportunity Info / Last Activity Date

            Opportunity Info / Lead Source

            Opportunity Info / Name

            Opportunity Info / Next Step

            Opportunity Info / Probability

            Opportunity Info / Quantity

            Opportunity Info / SFDC Created Date

            Opportunity Info / Stage

            Opportunity Info / Type