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Tools Have to be better for creating landing pages!

Question asked by 01b20f5105e595ccc394db284d12f62f8a087373 on Apr 22, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2014 by Justin Cooperman
IT is crazy that everything we upload goes into one large folder called "images." That requires a LOT of re-coding by hand of the html, css, and javascript files that export out of most website editors, such as Dreamweaver. ALL websites assume a root directory in which certain sub-folders exist such as "images," "css," "assets"(usually for javascript files), etc. The fact that we are forced to upload everything, CSS, images, and javascript to one single folder is ridiculous! Then, if we want to have a second landing page, almost every file that exports has to be renamed, or it interferes with the one file that already has that name in that same one folder for a different page!

For those of us who don't want to use the rudamentary tools to create a basic landing page, and choose to design our own and upload them, your file system is very burdensome. We need the ability to create and have real seperate directories and folders that we can name to upload files for webpages. The folders on your system that we create do not actually create a folder. It is just for oganizing what we are seeing. 

Please fix this issue, and allow us more control over content design. I was able to get my page to work, but I had to recode the html file, css scropts, and javascrip files to point to the right place.