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    Can we put 2 or more marketing programs as assets in a default program ?

      Hello everyone,



      It's my first message in the community and I am a basic user of Marketo.

      I started to use marketo only for email blasting via the basic email program but now I am in a new company that uses Default program for all its email blasting and I am a bit confused with this new process.



      Here is my situation :

      I need to send two emails (for 2 different industries) in the same campaign. In the email corpus there is a call to action that brings the lead to a landing page on our website. In the website landing page there is a form which is an embed Marketo form created in the Design studio.


      In order to run my campaign following the company process, I created a Default program and put in it two Email programs as assets.

      Then I created two different email which are linked to the related email program.



      My question is : Am I doing right ?


      If I want to do a report on the campaign, can I run a report on the Default program that shows me the global results for the two Email programs ?


      Many thanks in advance for your help !

        • Re: Can we put 2 or more marketing programs as assets in a default program ?
          Neeraj Shahdadpuri


          Firstly, you are creating two email campaigns(not programs, campaigns) within one program. You can create two emails and send them separately through individual emails campaigns, both can exist within the same program. You need to filter for the industry on the smart list section of the email campaign.
          Secondly, the better way to do this is to create segmentation based on industry and use the same email. You can make the emails sections dynamic and change contents in them as per the industry. Since you are new to Marketo, I would advise do it  by the first way itself.
          If you are facing any issue or need any help, please let me know.

          Neeraj Shahdadpuri