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    Lead Score increments of 100

    Michael Collins

      Hi guys,

      how do I set up a smart campaign to trigger on a lead score change when someone goes above increments of +100?

      so someone with 95 doesn't trigger anything, but as soon as they score +5 or +10 or anything greater that would trigger the Smart campaign. and the same again when they hit 200...etc

      At the moment I have 'change is +100' - but I think that is only triggering when someone scores 100 in a single action - which isn't what I really want at all...

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          Roxann McGlumphy

          Hello Michael,


          You could trigger off a Data Value Change, Attribute = [Score of your choice], New Value - greater than - 100

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              Michael Collins

              Ok thanks Roxann - but that only works for the first instance...i.e. greater than 100. it wouldn't work for greater than 200, for example.

              I'm struggling with how other people trigger the leads into their CRM. i can see ho wto build up a lead score and there's a lot of information out there about that. But what triggers are people using to push the lead into the CRM for Sales? I was working on the ethos of a lead scoring +10, +15, +100 etc, building up the score over time and when it hits increments of 100 then it is pushed to Sales - so the same lead coild be pushed more than once - as their score builds over time from 100, to 200, to 300 - as they interact with emails, download, attend webinars etc - but I can't figure out how to trigger the lead to go to Salesforce each time it hits that 100 point threshold...