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    Is there a better way to move leads between streams?

      I'm creating multiple nurture steams & programs for what we want to accomplish and I'm not sure if I'm using the best possible method to move leads between streams based on engagement & industry.


      Industry Stream (these are the "keep warm" emails being sent every 2 weeks to potential leads of each individual industry (IT, Accounting & Finance, Construction, etc))

      Campaign Event/Report Launch Stream (these are webinar & report launch streams - 1 email a week for 8 weeks)


      Industry streams are ongoing - and Campaign streams will interrupt the industry stream progress to promote a webinar/report launch.


      I'm trying to figure out a way to return a lead to an industry stream from a campaign stream depending on if they've exhausted the stream or have engaged with content (downloaded a report) - I want to remove the leads from campaign streams when they engage with content and return them to their industry stream - or start them on another iteration of their industry streams (I plan to have 3 separate streams per industry)


      Here is my process:

      Lead receives campaign email 1

      Lead doesn't engage - moves to next email

      Lead receives campaign email 2

      Lead engages - I use program status (engaged with content) and put them on a list (Downloaded Report) - I also exclude them from future emails within the campaign stream through Program Status -  Exclude. (not sure if I need to do this, I could just pause them?)


      All leads that have downloaded a report get put into a list (Downloaded Report) - they are then picked up by smart lists that have an "Added to List" trigger and filters based on industry. - The flow would be to 1) Add to Engagement Program: xxxx industry 2) remove from list - Downloaded Report list. (I'd have a bunch of different smart lists for each separate industry) 


      EDIT - Without the smart lists I can do Add to Engagement Program - and then add the multiple choices for the separate industries. Choice 1, Choice 2, etc.

      This removes the need for all of the smart lists and the download report list

      Would this be the most ideal method of moving leads back to their appropriate streams?


      Leads would then begin or continue to pass through their industry streams.


      I THINK I am making this overly complicated with the smart lists to change engagement programs into specific industries

      I'm not sure what the best process would be to move leads that have engaged back to their original streams.

      I understand how to do it if there were no industries involved, but the added element of separating the leads into their specific industries has put a hitch in my planning.

      I couldn't find anything on the docs.marketo.com that would solve this task.


      Any advice - suggestions - insight would be greatly appreciated!

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          Lauren Beth

          Hi Chad - I think I understand what you are asking here so apologies if I'm not!  We do not move people back  in engagement streams, just down different paths. Because they have demonstrated interest, I'd treat them differently for a good long while.  The path could focus on their "engagement" then once that stream is exhausted, I'd create a new stream focused on industries to move them into and/or add new content to the end.  Also to tackle industries, I'd recommend reviewing segmentation and dynamic content.  This can be very helpful when dealing with multiple industries and categories.  This means you'd have just one engagement stream, and the dynamic content would take care of the industry level customization. 

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              Alok Ramsisaria

              Chad March

              Are you setting up these transition rules in the stream or do you have separate smart campaigns to move leads across different streams? We have implemented something similar in the past where we used to move some leads from MOFU stream back to the TOFU stream. With smart campaigns, you should be able to achieve this.

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                  Ideally I just want the leads to be passing through their industry stream with industry specific content - say they are sent email 3 - then a report launch occurs, the leads are pushed into the report launch stream for 8 weeks (or until report download)  - after that exhausts or they've engaged they go back into the industry specific stream and receive email 4 and continue down the stream trail.


                  I feel like this is just a simple Engaged with Content -> Add to Engagement Program -> Define all the different industries

                  If I'm not mistaken this should move the lead once they've engaged with the content back into the industry stream and pick up where they've left off.

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                  I think I'm just using the terminology incorrectly.

                  Instead of engagement stream it's more of a set of keep warm emails. I'm using a nurture stream to run them as I think it would be easiest to do. The individuals haven't demonstrated any interest yet in our services - we have triggers in the various emails that will push them to our sales streams if they become engaged.


                  I'm not moving the lead backwards in the engagement program, moreso just shifting them from receiving email 3 in their industry stream to the campaign stream - once they've exhausted there they get put back into the industry stream and receive email 4. etc.


                  I've looked into the dynamic content and segmentation a little bit - not very well versed in it, but because all of the content is so specific for each industry I thought separate streams would be appropriate. For our sales streams we're going to have the same messaging with more tailored dynamic content based off industry i.e. pricing, copy, etc.

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                  The problem here is that ones a lead has gone out of stream(Change in lead status), it should not go through the same stream again again may make you loose your lead(unsubscribed)/ change in engagement stream performance report. So you should create a different stream for the engagement purpose, so that you can have proper reporting of the lead response and extent to which he has been engaged(till what level), which would help you to improve your marketing based on the lead activity. If reporting and analytics is not crucial, in that scenario Lauren's idea of "reviewing segmentation and dynamic content" may be helpful.