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    Email Template 2.0 Forwarding Issue

    Jeannine Croteau

      Every time I go to forward one of my emails from the new Editor 2.0. it creates these blocks in between the different objects. I usually forward emails for approval so this is troublesome because it looks different then it actually appears when sent. Anyone running into the same issue or have a solution? I'm sure it has to do with code.

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          Pavel Plachky

          I find forwarding email does not reliably preserve formatting. For example, if you open an email in Outlook and forward it, Outlook will change the HTML before forwarding it. It is no longer the original email.


          It is hard enough to make the email look correct in Outlook and Gmail and Android and all the other possible clients, making it also reliably forward between these platforms is in my opinion currently beyond the state of the art. We send emails for approval from Marketo directly to the approver.


          I hope it helps.


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            I want to resurface this question because the only answers I can find on this is that it's just not reliable to forward an email and to use the "forward to a friend" feature. This answer does not bode well with my clients because they say that their emails must be forward-able through their email client (which is what usually happens).


            What I've found after doing some testing with my email templates is that when I send a test from a template to myself and open in Outlook, it DOES NOT break when I try to forward it. When I save the HTML from Outlook, it shows that the sections are wrapped table rows, and that's why Outlook doesn't inject empty paragraphs between them, which is what breaks the emails apart (FYI, I'm coding my modules as tables).


            It's only when I use the templates to create an email and send a test email to myself, that's when the emails will break apart when I try to forward them in Outlook. When I save these emails as an HTML, it shows that Outlook has the sections wrapped in DIVs, and this is when the empty paragraphs are injected in between the sections.


            Has anyone tried to create email templates using TR modules instead of TABLE modules and gotten better forwarding results in Outlook? I was wondering if anyone has tried this before I recode all my emails.