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    Marketo CSV Reports / Number Formatting Issues / Percentages

      Hi Everyone,


      I have searched high and low, and I can't find the answer to this question. How can I export the data from my Marketo reports without percentages being a "custom" format number field instead of an actual percentage field? How about dates?


      Every time I export my email performance reports and I copy/paste the rows into my "Master" excel spreadsheet with all of my different emails in it - all of the number formats get messed up. The long numbers don't have commas when they are in the thousands. Percentages aren't a percentage number format, so I can't sort my percentages... and dates aren't a date format, so I can't sort my date. I have to double click each day to get the field in Excel to turn into a date. All percentages, I have to re-type the percentage because a 99.9% will turn into 999.9% when I click % in the "number formatting" area in Excel.




      Dates are "General" instead of "Date"


      Percentages are "Custom" instead of "Percentage"



      So, when I click a percentage and change the format to percentage (so I can actually use this field and write formulas, etc..) it changes to this:



      Thank you if anyone has any help! I don't mind changing the numbers to have commas and no decimal places. But I don't know how to change these percentages without re-writing all of them.