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    Forward to a Friend Tokens

                     I want to send a personalized email to new leads generated by emails forwarded by current leads using a token containing the current lead's name (the one who forwarded the email).  Anyone know a way to do this?
                     John forwards an email he received to Sally
                     Then, I want to have another email go to Sally that says something like "Your friend John thinks you would be interested in....etc, etc"
                     Is there a way to have this a) all be autimated through triggers and b) attribute the correct forwarding person with the new associated lead?

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          You can definitely automate this through triggers. There is a trigger called 'Received Forward to a Friend Email'. Use that one.

          Now your email is going to have to be an operational email, as by default, Marketo unsubscribes people who receive forward to a friend emails to comply with anti-spam laws. You could have something in your operational email that tries to get them to opt in.

          Now the part I don't know about is referring back to the friend who originally forwarded the email. There is no token for this, so I would have to assume that this is not possible without some email scripting or a custom field.

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            Thanks for your help.  That last part was what I was really after unfortunately.

            I feel it would be easier to get someone to opt in if you remind them of the person who referred them.