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    Has your company switched to email editor 2.0?

      Hi there.  Thinking of switching to email editor 2.0.  Wondering how many companies have made this switch?  Are there any bugs that should be a concern?  Want to start testing it out but wonder if I should wait it out awhile.

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          JD Nelson

          I switched last week. The immediate changes did not cause any problems except for 1 particular email we had that ended up not being editable; when we cloned it and tried again it resolved properly and we were off and running. Other than that everything has gone as expected. I started dev'ing some all-inclusive templates utilizing the new modules, which are fantastic, but the August release will THEN allow not-in-use module's from the template level. In other words, your email template must have all modules in-use when created. The existing templates are pretty good or can at least be manipulated to fit your brand as needed; but I used them more as a learning project to see how things were coded properly, then implemented that to my existing templates.


          I pointed out a few changes in layouts to my marketers and other than that all the existing capabilities were straight-forward enough that they could figure it out.

          The preview is way better and I love that you can preview as any lead you want without having to use the list feature. Good luck!