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2016 London MUGs: Deciding the Topics

Question asked by Marty Lyon (Admin) on Aug 8, 2016
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Hi guys,


We're pulling together a series of user group sessions for the remainder of 2016. We are looking to hold them once every six weeks [all dates tbc'd soon]. However to ensure we're using the time as effectively as we can for you we're keen to get any feedback, ideas and requests from you all on specific topics you may want covered. In all topics we would like to cover a range of abilities, but we will stress focus on some of the less obvious or more advanced features that perhaps will not be as well discussed or documented elsewhere.


Tomorrow's session will focus on Email. We have plenty of ideas going forward for the remainder of the year, but are keen to hear from the wider group. Please do supply your own suggestions and comments on the below would also be welcome.


We're happy to cover and run sessions on feature sets, however going forward we think it would be more powerful to run sessions around concepts that touch multiple product-features to give you business ready takeaways for use in your own practices.


1.) Data maintenance and automation administration.

2.) Extending your analytics via Marketo.

3.) Account-Based Marketing.

4.) Embedding Marketo into a cross-channel customer retention program.


Thank you,

Marty & Neil Robertson-Ravo