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    Smart List filters have disappeared from "web page activity" report (with Anonymous activity source)

    Dan Stevens.

      Today, we needed to run a bunch of web page activity reports - specifically to show anonymous activity - and noticed that all of the filters have disappeared from the smart list pane.  Can anyone else confirm this is happening in their environment as well?  It looks like this is only happening when you select one of the two "anonymous" Activity Sources (under Setup).  Yesterday, the filters were there.  In fact, I opened up a ticket with support yesterday regarding this issue (Web Page Activity report not filtering out ISP activity ) and it looks like they just decided to dummy down the functionality instead of fix that actual issue.


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          Dan Stevens.

          I just received this reply from Support - which makes no sense since we've been using filters for anonymous activity, even after Feb. 16.  Just yesterday, I was able to add filters to anonymous activity reports.  This was just disabled today.


          "Whether you use that activity source or Anonymous Visitors (not including ISPs) like in yours, it is expected behavior to only show lead attribute filters and not all filters (i.e visited web page) in the smart list tab. This is because the other filters would only apply to "known leads" since the info that would pertain to those filters is captured in the background, and then it can be displayed in the report once a lead is truly identified as known. After the feb 16' feature with the new munchkin code,we removed all filters that anonymous leads could use, hence why you can only see all the filters when a lead becomes known. In your setup tab, for the activity source, if you toggle to know leads, then go back to the smart list tab, you will see all the filters represented."


          Mike Reynolds - can you chime in here?

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              Mike Reynolds

              It is true that you wouldn't have access to the Visited Web Page activity history for anonymous lead records. That activity is stored differently and will only show and will only be able to be filtered on once the lead becomes known. So that part is accurate. The filters don't appear when the report setup is set to either of the Anonymous activity sources because of this.


              Now, as for when the filters were there vs when they were removed, I don't know specifically when that happened (I'm checking to be sure) but I believe it did happen back at the time of the release when the Anonymous filters were removed and the other associated changes were put in place.


              What I can tell you for sure from testing just now is that if you have the report setup set to look for Known Lead activity, these filters do show up. If you add that Visited Web Page filter to the Smart List of your report and then go back to the setup tab and change the Activity Source over to one of the two Anonymous sources, it does not remove the filter you had already put in there. You won't see the Visited Web Page filter in the list of filters available any more because with the Anonymous activity source selected, the report settings know to remove it. However, there isn't a function in there to then also remove that filter from where it had already been put into the report.


              So the short version is, if you put the filter in there and then switch it to anonymous activity source, you'll get what you're seeing here.

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