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    How to avoid losing data on first sync with Salesforce (SFDC)?

    Alex Fusman



      We have been preparing to make our first sync to Marketo from SFDC. The problem is that we have more complete and updated data for many of the leads in Marketo than we do in SFDC. However, it seems that this will all be erased wherever the fields in SFDC are blank.


      For example, if Joe Smith currently exists both in Marketo and SFDC, we have his job title and phone number in Marketo, but not in SFDC. Once we do the first sync, these fields will be cleared out in Marketo since they're blank in SFDC, right?


      So is there a way to preserve the data in cases when the field is not blank in Marketo but is blank in SFDC?


      I'm aware that we could block a field from being updated in Field Admin, but since we haven't yet connected to SFDC, that source doesn't exist yet in the block options.


      Any insights would be appreciated.