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    Is there a way to identify SFDC Leads that do not have a corresponding Marketo lead record?

    Elliott Lowe

      As a result of running the Delete Lead flow action without setting the Remove from CRM option to 'true', we have SFDC Leads that no longer have Marketo lead records.  We'd like to identify these and delete them in SFDC.  One indication that the SFDC Lead is not synced to a Marketo lead is that the Lead record's Sales Insight section's tabs have no data and the drop-down list is missing.  However, we'd like to be able to run a report that would identify these.  I tried using some of the standard Marketo fields with empty values as filters in the report such as Lead Score and Priority, but that doesn't work.  Is there any other way to select these SFDC Leads in a report?