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    Unsubscribed Leads Re-Opting In

    Kathryn Collins

      Hi - We have various landing pages which allow people to download whitepapers, request demos, callbacks etc etc, on these pages we have the option for people to tick to optin to further communication.


      We have had instances where a lead who has previously unsubscribed, has ticked to re-optin to communication.


      How do I set up the form so the unsubscribe field automatically updates to recognise this optin?

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          Juan de Dios Ngomo

          Hi Kathryn

          The system-controlled opt out field is called "Unsubscribed" in your Marketo instance, and it has two values: True or False.

          If the field change to False the customer will be re-subscribe and the durable setting will change as well.

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              Kathryn Collins

              Hi Juan


              Yes I understand that, but we have a couple of different optin types, so if on a certain form they optin to receive communication about products, but have unsubscribed in the past, how do I set the unsubscribe field to automatically update from true to false?


              I can't just link that optin form field to be 'unsubscribed', because then we won't be able to track if they've opted in to products, events, training etc etc...

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                  Jenn DiMaria

                  This sounds like a job for either a subscription center, a triggered Smart Campaign that updates their subscription based on the landing page where they completed the form, or the need to add checkboxes to each form designating which communications they'd like to receive. I most likely would NOT go with the third choice, but the other two are doable.

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