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    Add blank box for "other" option in the form

    Vlada Prasolova
      is there an easy way to add blank box for "other" option in the form
      i mean, when i have "other" answer option in my form and i want a person to be able to specify

      i want to be able to have something of the sort:

      i know how to do it if it's a marketo form on non-marketo page, but not sure how to do it on marketo landing page?
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          Alok Ramsisaria
          Hi Vlada,

          You can use the conditional visibility rules for this.

          You can add a new field which has the type "Text", and then you can enable the conditional visibility rule(by clicking on the "Disabled" as illustrated in the snapshot below) In conditional visibility rule, you can select "Show" if the value of previous's field is "Other" from all other radio buttons. You can insert this form in a Marketo landing page.



          Hope this helps!

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            Vlada Prasolova
            Thanks, Alok
            however, if i understand correctly, this filed will appear underneath the original field, right?
            not right next to the "Other" option
            does this also mean i'd have to create a new field for the "blank" answer?
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              Hi Vlada,

              Indeed, you'll have to create a new field. What I did to tackle this, I created a set of custom 'generic fields' in marketo (some text and checkbox fields) to use at random in such situations. 

              You can insert these in a form, for example: 'Generic 1' is a text field, which you insert and change the name (in this case: 'other').

              Some caution is required when using this method:
              •           Generic fields are reusable for series of forms and capture data you don't want to save or use (kinda one-off data) in Marketo (ex. answers to why did you like our white paper?)
              •           when you use a generic field - send an alert with this data to an inbox (alert email with token is enough) as you are probably using this field in multiple forms
              •           you can't use form pre-fill when using a generic field (you don't know what might pop up since you use this field in several forms)
              This method of course has the advantage that you only need to create a couple of these fields and hence not clutter your marketo database with random fields you only used once.

              Hope this method answers your question.
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                Dory Viscogliosi
                We also use generic fields like Jonas mentioned, and one other thing to make sure of is that you aren't using form pre-fill for that field if it's generic and could be used multiple times (and already contain a completely unrelated value). Luckily in Forms 2.0 you can pick and choose which fields are pre-filled!