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    Creating a resources center page - need instructions for website developers/designers

      I need to create a support ticket for our website design & development team that clearly and explicitly lays out what they need to do to create our resources center page down to the last nitty gritty detail. Can anybody help me?


      Here's what I have already prepared:



      • What are the important and key details I need to pass on about how the build the resource page?
      • What are the steps for creating resources, both gated and non-gated resources?
      • For example, when the user clicks on an individual resource from the resource page where does that URL take them? A cname landing page hosted on marketo with a form to fill out that will allow users to gain access?
      • How do developers integrate that into their flow?
      • Any and all technical information that I need to pass on to my developers who are going to be building this soon?
      • How do we need to build it so that it integrates with marketo? What fields and/or workflows do they need to incorporate?
      • We're also using Contently to produce some resources and their platform can publish directly to our website. How do we build the resources publishing platform to incorporate?