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    Basic Lead Score vs Token Lead Score

    Kim Gandy

      While setting up lead scoring, I see our Marketo rep set up template scoring smart campaigns. I'm unclear on the benefits of this set up over others. Why would I create tokens for lead scores vs setting the score in the flow step?

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          Devraj Grewal

          Kim, you would still use the score flow step regardless, but with tokening, instead of entering "+2", you would insert the campaign folder or program-level token. I prefer tokening lead score in a folder/program so you can see all of the lead scoring at a glance in one view. It is also much easier to make edits to values (without opening up separate smart campaigns) and check for any discrepancies in relation to each other (ex. accidentally didn't notice you had a lower score change for clicking email than opening email but with the token view you are able to see both and compare).

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