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    Non-Standard Lead Score Field

    Sydney Mulligan

      I just discovered the reason our lead scores are so wonky (Behavior+Demographic score fields do not sum to Lead Score in many instances).

      Instead of explaining this in detail, just read this idea - Merge custom scoring fields

      Can anyone see a reason that I shouldn't move to using JUST non-standard lead score fields (i.e.: completely abandon the OOTB "Lead Score" field so the total score is never summed on a lead merge)

      I know this will probably mean the stars and flames won't work in MSI anymore, but I don't really care about that. Will the Score tab not work anymore? Any way to get around that? Anything else I am not thinking of?

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          Josh Hill

          I supposed you could do that if merging leads is causing that much of a problem.

          In Admin > MSI, you can modify which fields are used for stars.

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            Geoff Krajeski

            It really depends on what your intent is Sydney. It's not always a one-size fits all model unfortunately!


            For example, we are looking at implementing a complete lifecycle model via 2 actual RCMs (pros & cons but this is our thoughts). One model for pre-customer, one for post/ongoing advocacy.


            If the [overall] score is what your RCM is triggering off of, then it would make sense to combine.

            If each of these Behavior & Demographic scores really should contribute to the overall (we use this same philosophy, but the do roll up), then combine.

            If there are specific actions or campaigns that do things differently, and you need each of these independent, then keep separate.


            We use both Behavioral and Demographic scoring, and typically Demographic is only run once you get that information, or it is updated via a vendor like DnB, etc. 

            The score for Demographic, we feed into both Demographic Score & Lead Score [overall].

            Likewise for Behavioral, that is ongoing of course, we use it in both scores for Behavior Score & Lead Score [overall].

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